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     Live and Let Die 

    Il faut  saluer l’écriture acrobatique des musiciens de Royal Hunt qui peuvent réaliser de prodigieuses galipettes musicales.  Leur dernier album,  A Life To Die For est exécuté avec compétence et méthode. {Entretien avec André Andersen (claviers) par Philippe Saintes - Photos : Frontiers Records}

    André Andersen speaks about the new record

    Royal Hunt 2

    Can you comment a few of the songs on ‘A Life To Die For’, any stories behind them or why you like them?

    There´re plenty of stories behind each of these tracks (yet in order to tell them in full I´d have to write a book :-), but some of my favorites are Hell Comes Down from Heaven, One Minute Left to Live and the title track.

    Why have you decided to produce the record yourself? Was there ever anyone else in the running?

    I´ve been working in the studio for at least 25 years by now and produced every RH release (so far). The guys are used to it – we have our own way to do things – so it´s all good.
    It´s a rare case these days – to have a recognizable, personalized style and we´ve been blessed with just that. I guess it´s a combination of my classical AND rock upbringing (grew up studying classical music, felt in love with “classic rock” and later discovered the world of “prog”) and uniqueness of every single person in the band. Throw in a distinctive way of producing - and you have a trademark sound.

    How has the feedback for the record been so far?

    The reviews I´ve seen so far – from fans and media alike - have been very favorable, most of the music magazines and fanzines are giving it a high score, it´s nice to see your work being appreciated. My one and only challenge and concern is to make an album which – in my and the band´s opinion – is better than the last. To approach things from a slightly different perspective, to keep things interesting, to find any given room for improvement… the rest is easy – get inspired. And – fortunately - inspiration is everywhere, you just have to look for it… a book, a movie, a headline in the newspaper, a personal event – there´re plenty of issues to be inspired by.

    Royal Hunt 1

    I’m guessing including an orchestra and choir was also in the  planning from early on?

    Yes. You see - I´ve heard a few albums which were done that way  (a band with an orchestra) and very few of them sounded good to me… on most of these releases orchestra played the role of the “effect” – something what was put on top of the already existing song/arrangement… at least in my opinion.
    I wanted to make these classical instruments to become a part of the band, to wave in and out of the track just like a guitar or a keyboard would do, to have a distinctive, incorporated score.

    Will you play with an orchestra during the tour ?

    I wish… but only time will tell if I could ever fit an J83-piece orchestra in our tour bus

    Due to Royal Hunt's European and World tour plans this Spring,  you’re not be able to be play at The Power Prog Metal Festival in Mons (Belgium). The  good news is that you're confirmed for the 2015 festival !

    Yeah, isn´t it great? Really looking forward to it. 

    André Andersen

    Do you think there is a future for the recording industry?

    That´s a tough one… for the recording industry as we know it – I´m afraid not.
    We all know how drastically this whole music scene has changed in recent years: are people still interested in full albums? Singles? Or are we already down to 60-seconds snippets while we´re texting?
    Who knows?

    Recently a band has released his album solely on a USB stick. What’s  your opinion ?

    Why not? It´s individual from band to band, but album sales are dropping rapidly (and now even digital sales are following for a second year in a row), so USB or whatever works for you at the moment.

    Are you happy with the promotion/support by the label Frontiers ?

    Generally – yes, but there´s always room for improvement..., I hope the label management is reading this...  

    Do you ever wake up and think to yourself, I'd love to make a simple  pop rock album?

    Everytime I´m in the middle of another “10-minute RH epic” ...


    Royal Hunt Coverhttp://www.royalhunt.com


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